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Internationally acclaimed STYLIST TO THE STARS, Jose’ Eber, a name synonymous with glamour, style, and Rodeo Drive, sets up shop in the unique Willow Bend Wellness Salon that is dedicated to a whole new you. The chic salon features talented hair stylist, colorist and makeup artist from around the world. Though his foray into the industry started earlier. At 12, he was coifing the hair of his mother and sister…

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the team: alban

Alban began his career in France, working for the renowned salon Carita Paris and Prive Salon as well as with many famous artists in the film, photography and fashion industry.

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The Best Hair Salon in Plano

The Best Hair Salon in Dallas is the Jose Eber Salon of Plano known as a one of the Top High end Hair Salons around the North Dallas area, providing upscale Hair Styling services. When you come to the Jose Eber Salon of Plano in North Dallas you expect nothing but the best because the name José Eber the most recognized hairstylist in the world, based out of Beverly Hills. The Jose Eber Salon of Plano is conveniently located across from the Shops of Willow Bend in the Willow Bend Wellness Center just outside Dallas.  Jose Eber has his hands in the hair of Hollywood’s most beloved stars for years. The architect of the world’s most acclaimed hairstyles, thousands of women across the world have been transformed by his inspired vision and artistic touch.  Gifting his vision to all of his stylists and colorists to insure the experience of a lifetime.  Call 469 467 4880 for an appointment.

Why travel when you can go to the renowned Jose Eber Salon of Plano. It is easy to get to just being one block off the North Dallas Toll Way and Chapel Hill. In this “creme de la creme” of hair salons, offering the best hairstylist services in the Dallas area, you will find only those stylists and colorists that have been handpicked and trained by Mr. Eber himself. Providing hairstyles for men and women that provide the “best” haircut, hairstyle, and/or coloring service available. Not only will you subtract years from your actual age with the right cut, style and color, you will also look and feel your best.

Lifestyle change? Need a new sophisticated hairstyle and color to match.

Your lifestyle has changed with a new job, marriage, new career or you just want that new makeover look.  Jose Eber Salon in Plano knows exactly what you need with our professional consultation and our top notch stylists and colorists that will give you that look to match your new lifestyle.

Upscale professional stylist providing unique hair styles

Jose Eber’s hair salon showcases the top talent in hair styling, coloring that Plano has to offer. Everyone working at the Jose Eber salon has both talent and flair to reach the rank of top stylist and colorist in the Country. Only the very best in the field are permitted to work at Jose Eber. They must be as committed to excellence in their work as the master himself. A Jose Eber customer will be offered an experience in cut and color and the pampering that many people have never imagined.  Our teams of stylist and colorist are poised to offer specialized services to leave your hair irresistibly vibrant and beautiful. As style and fashions change daily, our teams are consistently educated in new and innovative ways to design your ultimate look.

The Best Hair stylist and Colorist creating that look you want!

José Eber takes his love affair of hair to the next level by introducing the most revolutionary collection of professional quality hair tools on the market. At the forefront of innovation and technology, José Eber hair tools pave the way with superior designs and advanced features that provide professional quality results that impress. You deserve the best, Jose Eber hairstylist and colorist are here to accomplish it.

The actual salon itself is located in Plano, Texas, for convenience to both Dallas metropolitan and suburban areas. This top Dallas hair salon is the destination of choice for those seeking the best, most advanced hair salon services that Dallas has to offer. A specialized team of stylists and colorists staff the Jose Eber hair salon in Plano. Mr. Eber himself graces the salon with his presence several times a year. Those occasions are true media events and sell out well in advance of his designated arrival date. The artistry and precision of Jose Eber come together at this high caliber Plano hair salon to deliver unparalleled customer service. Patrons of the Jose Eber hair salon in Plano have access to services that many people would cross continents to obtain.

Our motto is treating clients with professionalism as well as creating hairstyles that suit them personally.

Top Hair Salon and serving North Dallas, Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Allen, Carrollton and Lewisville